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Have a new (aftermarket) 99-02 Chrysler dual efan. It has a 4-prong connector w/ yellow, green, black, and black/purple stripe wires. I haven't bought a thermostat hookup kit yet, but need to know how the Chrysler fan connects to a GM fan harness. Also, where does the A/C enable connection connect ?
1983 Caballero w/ GM flat tappet 350 crate engine, converting to TPI.

Thanks in advance for all help !

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1. the black leads are GROUND.
2. the yellow lead is POWER.
3. the green lead is POWER.

power to either yellow OR green ALONE will turn the fans on LOW SPEED.
power to BOTH yellow & green will turn the fans on HIGH SPEED.

Variable Speed Controller - there are some posts out there regarding controllers. I use a Flex-a-lite 31165 kit c/w fuse and following the instructions takes care of the wiring to the A/C. I'm very happy with it. I used a separate circuit from a terminal block for my setup..

I'm not familiar with the GM harness, so one of the A/C - electrical gurus on this site can definitely help. I just went another route.
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