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Need replacement motor mounts

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I'm in need of the clamshell type motor mounts for my 86 el camino. I currently have a 350 small block and am replacing it with the same. The ones that I have are damaged and as I'm doing the engine swap I want to replace them. My local salvage yards are pretty useless for things like this. Would these work? http://www.summitracing.com/parts/OER-332648/

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Try the auto parts stores, I bought one a couple of months ago for less than ten dollars.
Thanks, I'll call around the local stores today. Much appreciated. I figured that was an odd enough item they might not carry them.
I bought one from car quest about a month ago, it was less than nine dollars....
do you need the frame part or the part mounted on the engine ?
The part mounted on the engine sometimes referred to as a clamshell. I found it thank you folks.
that is actually called a bracket, they make them in tall and short so make sure you get the right one you need
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