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Hey guys, its been awhile since i been on here, just moved and been workin alot.

But i also drive an '82 camaro everyday (v6), but soon am gonna drop in a mild 350, just to put some new life into it, not a racer or anything fancy.

I predict about 350 Horsepower
and have an opportunity to pick up a cheap transmission.

It is a Borg/warner Model WG13-52-062 Manual 5-speed. From an '89 Firebird, with drive line, pedals, the works.

i would do a full through on it and repalce the worn components. ...

now the question:
i was going to use a rebuilt th-350, but would love a stick,
would this be a pretty compatible match-up to stick together?

Any input would be appreciated!
thank you:You_Rock:

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Not familiar with those part #'s, But v-6 & v-8 t-5's are not same. Also not sure if you want to disassemble one yourself.
BUT, I will say I had a 89' t-5 I bought in 1990, it was great, unlike the 85 year I later had.
Swapping should be straightforward with all matching components. Will definitely give better fuel economy if driven for such.
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