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Just to introduce myself and my 1965 El Camino. It was purchased new by my Dad at Blue Ridge Motors in Georgia in 1965.
When he passed in 1978, my Mom gave it to me and I drove it as a second car up until around 1990, at which time, I parked in
my barn and only drove it a couple of times a year.
Finally in 2010, I decided to have it painted and begin work, so went with a base coat/clear coat 1998 GMC Bright Teal.
Found bucket seats from a 64 Corvair, and redid all upholstry in repo 65 Chevelle style but in black.
Added front disc brakes and power steering next, then a new 350ci GM crate long block.
Just changed the 3-speed manual column shift to TH350 automatic, but decided to not add A/C.
I use thhe El in movies and TV shows in the Atlanta area which helps me pay for all the upgrades. It has a good history of being used
in "Stranger Things" (all 3 seasons), star car in "Finding Steve McQueen" movie, and many other TV series and films as a vintage background


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Hi Steve, welcome from Idaho. Glad you've joined us. I'm glad you get to keep your dad's car in such a cool way. Your 65 looks amazing. Enjoy and have fun here and with your 65.
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