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Hi there, and thanks in advance for any help.

Recently bought an 86 El Camino with the 305 and a 4bbl carb. Can smell gas in the exhaust when running, so I know that something is out of adjustment, and am planning on taking it to the shop for a top to bottom tune as soon as I can. However, on the occasions I have driven it, it ran just fine and dandy, but it sucked fuel to a ridiculous degree, as in the fuel gauge moved almost an 1/8 tank after 15 min of tooling around.

The last time I drove it, however, a serious issue cropped up. When shifting into drive, the engine bogged down perceptibly, more than you would expect. (and yes, I did let it warm up) When I pushed on the gas pedal, the engine almost died and hiccuped a few times before beginning to run somewhat normally. This happened at every stop sign and stop light. There was an occasional backfire when this happened. Once moving, the throttle and engine worked normally, but it felt like it was fighting a stiff headwind or towing something heavy, and there was the aforementioned ridiculous gas consumption, even for an 80's V8.

In the previous maintenance records (a full inch worth and more) I noticed that it had been in for a carb rebuild because the choke was stuck (no more information, just carb rebuild) and am thinking that this issue, and the obvious gasoline smell from the exhaust, might be caused by the choke being stuck closed and basically starving the engine of oxygen.

If anyone has had a similar issue, please let me know. I only need a fix long enough to get her into the shop for a full on tune and tlc.

FYI, the only other carburated car I have ever owned was a 74 VW bug, and I dont think a hammer and yelling will work on an actual engine...

Thank you.
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