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Ocean Gate EMS Car Show

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Hey region 3. I dunno if its too early to be posting this or whatever but on the 13th of October the Ocean Gate EMS is hosting a car show. Its in Ocean Gate NJ and its usually a really fun time so anyone that can make it out for the event should. There's usually I think around a few hundred cars that come out. All the proceeds from the show go to the local first aid squad and its really just a great time to meet fellow enthusiasts. If there are any questions just message me or post em here and I'll try my best to answer them. Oh and for those that don't know where Ocean Gate is, its a tiny little town right south of Seaside heights, but not on the island. I'm working the show too so if there is interest let me know and I'll try to get everyone a decent spot close together.

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Hey just a bump and reminder this is gonna be next month. Dunno if anyone is interested but if anyone is let me know. Thanks :You_Rock:
Just bumping this again trying to promote the event as much as I can. I'd really love to meet some other owners in the area. :You_Rock:
Just another bump the car show is just under a month away now. I would love to see some of you guys out there and meet some other owners. :You_Rock:
Car shows next weekend. Hope to see y'all there :You_Rock:
Looks like someone needs to light a fire under the Region 3 members :poke:
Yeah I dunno we'll see if anyone from here shows tomorrow I guess. There's gonna be a ton of cars there and the show is always a blast. Anyway one last bump since the show is tomorrow.It really should be a blast and all the proceeds from the raffles and such go to a great cause. Last year they auctioned off a 40's army powerwagon. dunno what they'll have this year. Weather forecast is saying sunny and around 60 so it should be a great day. The address to punch into a gps is 33 East Arverne Avenue, Ocean Gate, NJ 08740. That will put you right next to the show at the fire house. I really hope to see at least a few of you guys out there tomorrow. :You_Rock:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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