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I have an old trick for Leaky gaskets in Hard places...Last chance before replacing...

"Cat Glue" That was the slang for the green stuff...Drop by any CAT dealer and buy the smallest can they have...Because if you get any on the threads, you will never open the can again!

Spray the area with brake clean and apply a sloppy coat...Once dry, it's like a rock.
OK not the best way, but when you are racing Chevy powered jeeps from Barstow to Vegas you learn all sorts of things...

Caution, if you put a whole gasket down with it...You will need to beat it apart with a case splitter (Chisel ground down to a razor edge to fit between the gap) and a hammer.

Might stop a leak until you can get to it a few weeks later...or stop it all together:nanawrench:
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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