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Good morning from Virginia! I have finally completed a long awaited rebuild and customization of my 1972 el Camino SS, which may look original, but is totally updated with all the goodies to make it a comfortable, reliable, and fun daily driver.

I have struggled with a hard to open passenger side door for over a year, and have researched and read many posts about adjusting the latch, using grease on the mechanism, etc. After trying all these fixes, I finally found one that actually worked!

During the elkie rebuild, I had removed the latch assembly, soaked them in parts cleaned overnight, then cleaning in my blast cabinet with aluminum oxide media. I greased the assembly before installation.

I removed the new repro outside handle and took out the button with the rod attached. I straightened the rod about 1/2" by placing the rod in my bench vise and slowly tighening the jaws to straighten the rod to lengthen it.

I reassembled the handle and installed it into the door. Before using it, I used chain lube on the assembly (you can spray from inside the door with the window up), and exercised it several times before closing the door.

It has successfully gone from a very hard to open door, to one that opens with little effort. I hope this little tip will work for you as good as it has for me.
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