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gonna be coming up to the point real soon here where i gotta paint all the parts after i get it back from the machine shop.

thinkin of doin a black and red.

Red Block, Black heads, Black Intake manifold, Black Valve covers w/ red letters, Chrome Carb, black timing cover w/ red highlights, black air cleaner w/ red letters. Red spark plug wires.

Cant find any pics of this format, similiar ones, but not this style.

any suggestions maybe? want something that will look sharp, not a big fan of a engine bay full of chrome though. (not sayin it doesnt look good, just not my thing)

I included pics of a style i kinda like, but wanna change, and an attachment of my dress up kit.

Kinda like this, but w/ black heads, and black intake. then the valve covers from my dress-up kit.



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