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From: Yahoo News
Peeping tom sentenced to stare at ugly naked people
Friday September 19, 2003

A JUDGE wanted to teach a serial Peeping Tom a lesson he'd never forget -- so he sentenced Willard Burton to 12 straight hours of staring at old, ugly, naked people!

In a scene reminiscent of the shocking film A Clockwork Orange, Burton's eyes were forced open as scores of sagging, wrinkled, overweight residents of a nudist colony for senior citizens strolled by him in their birthday suits.

"This was cruel and unusual punishment," says 31-year-old Burton, who was strapped to a heavy wooden chair during what he describes as his "terrible ordeal."

"I never knew ugly could come in so many different shapes and sizes," he says. "I was disgusted to know I'd have to look at naked old men, but believe me, the women were just as repulsive. Once or twice I thought I was going to be sick.

"So help me, I never want to see another nude body again in my life."

Some civil libertarians concur with Burton's assertion that the judge went too far, but Magistrate William Northbrook of Cardiff, Wales, is confident that the punishment fit the crime.

"Young man, if it's naked bodies you are so anxious to see, the court shall happily oblige," he declared in his ruling.

The withered, roly-poly residents of Sunset Valley Naturist Park -- ranging in age from 65 to 91 -- are a far cry from the shapely beauties Burton spied on in the past.

"The defendant preyed exclusively on young housewives and single women who worked out at a health club near his home," prosecutor Alan Stone reveals. "All the victims were in simply smashing physical shape.

"He'd follow them home and crouch outside their bathroom windows, as they undressed, bathed and used the commode. For Burton to be forced to gawk at out-of-shape bodies all day must have been awful for him."

The 128 Sunset Valley residents who participated in Burton's bizarre poolside punishment didn't mind serving as living eyesores.

"When the judge's office called and told us what they had in mind, we were a little taken aback," says colony director Alison Hall, 68.

"But our feeling is that this was our duty as citizens, and we also believe we were doing this young man a service. Perhaps now he'll realize that nudity is nothing to get so excited about."
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