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Photos 15 x 8 first gen Corvette Rally wheels on el Caminos.

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Hello. I'm wondering what 15 x 8 Rally wheels would look like on my 69 el Camino. I have 15 x 7 on it now. I like the beauty ring with the squared off look. I like how it reflects the air vent holes. This look seems to only be with the 15 x 8 Corvette Rally wheels.

Is that look possible with the 15 x 7 rally wheels. I love this set of wheels I have now. My tire guy said the factory Chevrolet Rally wheels have always been a high quality wheel and he's never seen too many bad ones compared to other brands.

He really does a great job balancing wheels. He shaves the rubber of the tires and uses the roller when he balances wheels. He didn't have too much to say about todays aftermarket wheels and Bias Ply tires except that he doesn't touch them.

Any thoughts welcome..

I'd like my rallys to look like the white el Caminos wheels especially the rears.

Sorry for the mix up 78. I fixed the thread, I can see why you thought that.

Thank you.

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There are also alloy 15" rally wheels out there if you want to reduce the weight of a steel wheel. One thing I learned about GM rally wheels is to run them on a spin balancer to make sure they are true...many have been "curb kissed" in their lifetime and bent, rendering them almost useless unless you have a press and lots of time.
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Put these on my 70, but a 255/70/15 is a little too tall. Going to go back down to a 235/60/15 tire all around.
If your 70 still has the 4:10's in the rear a tall tire is nice for over the road travel to cut the RPM's, nice piece, enjoyed the story.
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