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Sorry everyone, but I have NO CLUE how to ad photos here with our posts. :oops:

I found an old forum question on this but it still does not make any sence. When I click on the image icon on top it asks for a URL??

I'm sure someone has gone over this before but please just one more time!

I thought or was hoping I could just use the same format as adding our pictures to our members rides but, not so.

Why can't we have a browse and find like in our photo rides?

:oops: Dave :oops:

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Dave one way to get the URL is have 2 different web browsers open. One on ECC and the other on the picture(s) you want to link to.

1.When the image command asks for the URL go to the other browser and right-click on the picture.

2.From the menu the pops up select properties at the bottom.

3.In the window that comes up you will see Address (URL).

4.Using the mouse press and hold the left mouse button and 'sweep' across the address so that the address is highlighted.

5.Now press Ctrl and C and the same time. This is a copy command.

6.Go back to the ECC browser click where it is asking for the URL so that the cursor is there.

7.Now press Ctrl and V. This is a paste command.

The address should now be in the line. Press OK and it should work for you. If you don't understand one of the above instructions let me know I did most of this from memory.

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The main difference for photos in "posts" and member pics is that photos in "posts" must already exist somewhere on the internet.

Member pics can be on your harddrive, a diskette or CD and you point the upload software to their address and it uploads your photo to the ECC/NECOA Member's Pics server.

Photos in "posts" reside somewhere else on the internet, usually, and you only load a "link" to those photos on the ECC website.

Hope this explanation adds to the great info Poltergeist posted above.
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