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Hey ya'll, i just wanted to give a quick review of the "Pick-A-Part" on the north side of houston that i visited today. here it goes...

So day started off late and we got down there about 11 o'clock. Which wasnt bad at first but there is NO shade, so things got hot, quickly. Plan to spend at least two hours there, you'll spend 45 min just looking for the model car you need. I was in search of two things;
1) Parts for my beloved wrecked Daily Driver, The Mercury Grand Marquis.
2) Any G-Bodies to help the El Camino & Malibu peeps out plus a few parts that are in the back of my mind for the elky.

The place has got to be 20+ Acres of cars on stands with every odd and end pulled poked proded and more or less in a less than perfect condition. HOWEVER, being a junkyard it was a VERY and i mean VERY clean place. Not perfect, but they have the placed divided up into two halves, One is the 1996+ Section. The other is the Older than 1996 Section. Browsed both sections and didnt come up with any luck on the older than '96 Side. nothing, nada, only things i found were alot of older crownvics, lincon town cars, olds, and one or two 70's model vehicles, nothing spectacular. Most models ranged from 88-95. Most Small sedans, about 10% Trucks & Vans. The +'96 Side was filled with more than it's share of new hondas, mostly hondas, and did i mention hondas? to go with that you've got decent side of dodges (mostly intrepids & status) with a small pickings of Fords and a few good rows of Camaros. Again about 10% Trucsk & Vans off to the back side of the lot.

We lucked out, i came across 3 police cruisers that had my year, or close to for my Marquis, however what i needed (the headlights) were gone on each, as well with a yellow cab we found a few rows over. Finally after searching for a little while we did find a "good condition" marquis which happened to be the identical year to mine, only a different color, had all the parts we needed, we snatched them in about an hour or so and got out of there (about 1 oclock it was HOT).

Hood = 54.99 + 8.00 Core
Grille = 29.99 + 2.00 Core
Header Panel = 36.99 + 6.00 Core
Headlight Assy (each) = 24.99 + 1.00 Core

We got out of there just over 200$ worth. Alone i priced one brand new ford headlight for my marquis and it was around 100$ anywhere you could find it. about 60$ if it was not a ford brand. So 26$ for a ford brand, was a steal in my opinion. Even if i had to take it out.

On a scale of 1-10, ten being the best, this is what i think of the place;
Staff Friendiness/Helpfulness = 7
Selection of Cars to pick = 4
Shade/Water = 0
Price of parts = 8

just my thoughts, hope it helps to anyone looking and searching for parts. Unfortuneatly no G-Bodies, perhaps one or two that i overlooked, but the chances of that particular vehicle having your part, inatct, is slim to none. Perhaps the one on the East side of town has a better selection, would like to know what they have if anyone's been over there!

Thanks for Readin' Ya'll:texas:
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