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Well guys and girls,elcaminkey and I attended the big fall Englishtown swap meet yesterday. The weather held up for the most part and everyone we encountered was nice and friendly. We met up with ElcaminoNYC there as well. Which in itself was funny cause we never met or knew what each other looked liked. So he called me and we were literly standing 5 FEET AWAY FROM EACH OTHER while on the phone!! :lol:

We walked the entire swap meet which took us about 6 hours. We scored our first part for the Elky(a brand new grille with moldings for $75!!!) I spotted loads of Elky's there and took some pics. for you all. Here they all are(click on the link):

1969 El Camino for sale

1970 El Camino with 454

1971 El Camino with TPI

1972 El Camino for sale

1978 El Camino for sale

1979 El Camino two tone

1980 El Camino for sale

1987 El Camino (with suprised looking woman in background)

El Camino with hand drawn flames on hood

monster truck El Camino

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Nice Elkys. Thanks for posting the pics.
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