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So it is still a ways off but assuming nothing backfires between now and May-Septemberish, I will be taking my big block to an engine dyno before I have it installed in my 77. I'll try to get it in for a chassis dyno test after everything is working as well if you want to guess at that. Take a guess at were you think the HP and Torque peaks will come in at.

My hopes: 450hp/500lbs

Engine Specs,
-5,000rpm redline
-454 - 4 bolt main
-#353049 Oval Port Heads - 113cc 2.06/1.77 Oval port open chamber.
new manly 1.88 stainless steal exhaust valves
-Flat top Hyper Pistons (9.0-9.5 compression)
-Stock Connecting rods with ARP Bolts
-Comp Cams Thumper Hydraulic Roller
-non-roller rocker arms
-Edelbrock Performer Intake (maybe Weiand)
-750 Holly Double Pumper (maybe Edelbrock Performer)
-Hooker Headers (or similar)

Car/Truck Specs
-1977 El Camino Classic
-Currently 305/th350 10 bolt
-New Tranny - TCI Super Street Fighter TH350
-2:56 open rear gear
-295/50-15 BFG Rear tires

If/when things change between now and when everything is run I will post updates. Sorry for the long wait to get results in advance.

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Never been on a chassis dyno. Do they have a way of subtracting the HP loss from the drive-train etc ?
Of course on a conventional dyno, there's no accessories etc, so those numbers are off a ways when bolting the engine into something with everything hooked up.....
That big block should have good torque numbers....
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