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OK, I'll try that out. I gotta put a couple of the spark plugs back in from checking them last night. They look fine. I'll let you know how it goes.
Good, you're reading the plugs. That is the ONLY way to tune the A/F ratios (Not with the O2 sensor reading). Also, in order to tune by reading the plugs you need to make sure you're getting accurate readings. You need to shut the engine off under full load and at wide open throttle (6500rpm), just like they do on dynos. This is the only way to accurately get a good plug read. If you let the engine idle for only a moment, carbon will build up on the plug and give you a false read (too rich).

If you have a digitial ignition system that allows you to set and change the timing with a laptop, you still need to check the timing with a timing light to make sure its where you want it to be...:beer:
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