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I installed headers on my Elky today.
Started bolting the front accessories onto the engine.
I have a summit alternator setup I plan on using.
I had to grind the bracket for the power steering unit to clear the vortec plastic timing cover.
Bracket attaches to water pump, and looks something like this.
I just have the basic PS bracket,not the attachment to the headers.
Any other options?
I don't have much belt adjustment at all.
The second pulley is for my A/C,but I was hoping to delete it.
Any pics appreciated.


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mine is very similar to that, but I cut a piece of leftover stainless steel tubing that fit over the bolt, and covers the area between the tensioning nuts . on your bracket, it would be the area where only the stud/bolt is showing. kinda like a spacer. could be just plain old steel tubing, but I like the shiny stuff!

here's a pic of the same idea done to the bolt for the alternator, again with the SS tubing. (scuffed with a scotchbrite pad and then rattle can cleared)


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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