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Should be a 3.25. But they dont make 3.25 i dont think. You probably got a 3.11. Gears common are (2.41, 2.73, 3.11, 3.42, 3.73, 4.11)
You are in between 3.11&3.42. Ill guess you got 3.11's. 3.42's are almost 3.5 turns of the driveshaft, 3.11's are 3.11 turns.

They say you are suppose to turn the wheel 10 times and put a piece of tape at the start of your revolutions on the drive shaft and lets say you got 34 turns of the DS with 10 spins of the tire, you divide 34(Driveshaft spins) by 10( tire rotations)= 3.4 which is a 3.42 gears. You wont get the exact number by countin so you got to know the gear ratios. Its hard to count .2 of a turn!
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