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1) Is there a place to get new transmission cooling lines that would be bent to the correct shape to reach this new radiator (I don't want to risk bending the existing ones as they are quite rusted and probably need replaced anyways)
In all likelyhood - no, you will not find pre-bent lines for a radiator whose points of connection differ from the factory. Which leaves you with a few options.

1. cut the one line (approximately 6" out of the vertical) and rejoin with an inline union adapter - this would require you buy or borrow the proper flaring tools. (this is not all that difficult - except that flaring a line already installed on a car isnt as easy as flaring a line you can stick in a vise.

2. Cut the line (again the 6" out of the vertical) and then join the wo with a short length of hose, suitable for the fluid and pressures involved.

3. Bend the existing lione with a bought or borrowed tubing bender, cut it off at the appropriate position and flare the end for a seamless connection to the radiator. Obviously this would be the most desireable solution but it can be the most problematic, because if something goes wrong in the bend or flaring then you have a garbage line and have to replace it.

The beauty of #1 and #2 is that if you try #1 and you cant get the flares right or find the union - you can replace the rigid union with the hose thus essentially doing #2
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