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Radio & Tach quit working

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I need some NECOA Wisdom :poke:last Sat. I wased and cleaned up the Old 80 and I needed to clean the engine so I used this engine de-greaser ... I sprayed the engine , the intake manifold , valve covers , down the side of the heads and I MADE SURE I sprayed NOTHING ON THE WIRES or dist. ... but I did spray the back of the engine and bell housing and all along the fire wall ... I rinsed the engine and everything off real good with low pressure and now my tack and my radio don't work and the gas gauge ... I sprayed this de-greaser all along the firewall and there were some wires coming out of the firewall that are sealed ... I jiggled and poked and pushed on wires and NOTHING came back to life ... the car is running good but and OK ... any ideas what the hell did I do wrong .... Thanks the Geezer :nanawrench:
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Old timers trick is to spray distributors with WD40 when washing the engine, as it is a water repellant. Might help if nothing else does, to spray any electrical areas and see if it helps.
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