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Rear Frame Rail Repair

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I am going to try to fix the rear frame rail on my Elky. Only one side is bad. I ordered the replacement piece from OPG. Has anyone done this without removing the body? I think I can but the rail in the wheel well and then put the new one back in the body mounts, line it up, and then weld it. Any suggestions or hints would be appreciated.
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If one section is bad from collision damage maybe a section fix. If it is due to age and rot you really need to get a good look at the whole frame. At least raise the body a few inches all the way around to get a good look. Some areas that are prone to rot may not show from below. A/C cars tend to rot the right front body mount at the A/C drain. My frame was rotted in many areas (pics in my build thread link). Either way there is some welding to be done that will not be accessible with the body mounted. Body lift is not really that bad, mount bolts are the hardest part.
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