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Added two 6 x p speakers behind seat . Made different panels of 1/4 inch plywood and used fiberglass to connect panels on rear side.Found some tuck and roll material on line from marine supply source that almost was the full width. Had a friend that does interiors add a piece in the middle. He had a left over piece of molding that he installed, I tryed to buy door molding but could find a source. Good sound, good insulation for my air conditioning I filled the cavity wh with poly mateiral which helps the bass sound.Forgotton how to properly post pictures elrearspeakerpanel.jpg

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Looks really good! If you have enough left over, make a curtain/flap and put it over the smuggler box opening too.

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Looks good! I seem to recall seeing someone on here that did something similar by re-purposing a couple of old door panels. It turned out very nice as well.
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