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Just replaced the seal for the tv/detent cable housing hat boot # 760013-5 cost .99c on my th2004r.I took a lot of pic's but somehow deleted most of them but here's a few. This is an easy fix. Sorry I don't have all the pictures but this should give you a good idea how not to lose the spring loaded rod into the trans.

First I disconnected the cable from the carb. linkage then I took off the fender well to me it's easier access and I use a impact wrench. Done it so many times it's a 15min job and you have access to the trans. without crawling under.

All I used was a 10mm wrench and two pairs of hemostats to clamp onto the spring loaded rod that connects to the cable so it doesn't go inside the trans.

Missing pics but you take the screw out then I clamped on to the rod then slipped off the cable. Then I clamped the other pair to the top of the rod so I could slip the old hat up the clamp and re-clamp the other pair below at the same time and the old hat is off then just do the reverse to put the new hat in and reinstall the cable. Before you reconnect the cable to the carb. linkage pull the cable and make sure it springs back if not it came apart in the trans.

The pair in the back is holding the rod up so slip the hat on the other pair like below then clamp it to the top of the rod then take off the bottom pair and slip the hat on. Then reclamp the other pair back on so yo can get the cable back on.

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