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James, I think we are all on to you and your devisive tacticts. Are you a gubment stooge just trying to divide and conquer? But, I too like the 2nd gen. The 66 in particular.
I was driving my normal route home a few weeks ago and almost ran off the road. I saw a canary yellow '67 Elky sitting next to a barn. I had never seen it before. I made an illegal u-turn and went back to investigate. The land owner was just climbing down from his tractor. I approached and introduced myself and handed him a NECOA card so he would be able to tell I was a legit cruck lover. He looked at my 87 and said, So you like elkies, huh?.
The story is, His aunt bought the car new in 67 and it iss the only car she has driven since. She is now 95 and th elky was parked back in 1995 due to her poor eyesight. None of her kids want the car and SHE is now wanting to have it restored. Thats the reason he pulled it out of storage. It has a few rough spots on it but for the most part it's in great shape. He said it was not for sale. Yet.. I wrote my contact info on the card and told him to call me if it became available. So for now, the car is under a car cover, under a carport. I see it every day. Who knows, I may be the owner of a 2nd gen before long.:texas: Oh yeah.. 327 wit da powerslide and a/c, p/s, p/b 73k miles
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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