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Greetings all,

I would like some opinions on how wide I can go on my El Camino. It will be lowered 2" all the way around. I will be running 18" rims.

Backs: What is the max width and backspacing do I need to look for?
Fronts: Same.

I want to run a stock height(or close) tire with max width. This El Camino will be pushing around 600hp out the back so traction is an issue. ;D

Thanks in advance,

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Below is my 72 (should be the same). It is lowered 3" out back and 2" in front.
Those are 275/40-18 (8" wide rim) out back and 235/40/18 (7"wide rim) in front.
There is a 4.5 backspace on the rear. I dont remember the front.
The specs on the rear...
9.5 tread width (on a 8" rim)
Total diameter 26.7

I always wanted to run 305/35-18 out back which I believe will fit.
The specs on that tire are as follows...
11.7 tread width (I would run a 10" rim)
26.3 total diameter

Here is a tire size guide


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