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Mr. Gasket shifters are stocked at Advance Auto, they are under $100, they probably have one for saginaws

I would just get another rebuilt Saginaw if you dont wanna buy the shifter, since you aren't putting out torque/hp that would require something stronger. You can easily get one for $100 off craigslist in working order too.

Now if you do swap to a BW or Muncie, be mindful that even though they are around the same length, the shifter mounts in different places. So if you have a bench seat, this may be an issue, since the shifter will pop up from under the bench, rather then a saginaw which is much farther forward.

The only remedy for this would be a "bench bar", which is an arc shaped shift handle to get around the bench.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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