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Score or FAIL ????

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So I got a BW T5 yesterday Tag 13-52-028, with the bell housing and clutch arm. $200.

It does not have the Torx head bolt on the side and I have not yet looked for the Timco bearing on the front. The tag indicates an 83 out of a mustang 5.0 or a Camaro or Firebird V8.

I assume it is not a WC tranny

I have a 75 with a mild 350. Do you feel it will work well for a DD or should I get it rebuilt as a WC?

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The original z-bar setup will work but...

The F-body T5 bellhousing and tailhousing tilted the trans. So, you'll want to consider an S-10 tailhousing & shift-rail swap if you like the shifter at the front end of the tailhousing.

The F-body shifter location works great in a 78-up but I have no idea how it does for the 73-77 or its console.

If you kept the tilt, I can't think of a 9:00 fork location / tilted T5 pattern bellhousing / scattershield. Only a tilted fork setup (fits 78-up Elky/G-body and 82-up F-body w/ mech. linkage.) Which would work if you lengthened the lower arm of the z-bar and fiddled with some other aspect of the linkage to correct for that.

Others have adapted the tilt of the tailhousing to their crossmember.

And of course a hyd. throwout bearing is an option. With many more, depending on your ability and willingness to fabricate.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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