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Score or FAIL ????

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So I got a BW T5 yesterday Tag 13-52-028, with the bell housing and clutch arm. $200.

It does not have the Torx head bolt on the side and I have not yet looked for the Timco bearing on the front. The tag indicates an 83 out of a mustang 5.0 or a Camaro or Firebird V8.

I assume it is not a WC tranny

I have a 75 with a mild 350. Do you feel it will work well for a DD or should I get it rebuilt as a WC?

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Horseman, get a S-10 tail, and that SHOULD get rid of the tilt. I'm not an expert on this, just what I've read. Your "mild" (I read that stock) engine will do just fine with the T-5 as a DD (daily driver). There's no need for the expense to take it for a slight improvement, and that's all a WC (World Class) would do for you. If your engine is rip up a standard T-5, it would a WC, also.
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