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I would not recommend a hydraulic clutch. If you can secure the stock type mechanical clutch set-up, that's the way to go. My experience with hydraulic clutches has been all bad, with frequent maintenance .
AFTERMARKET hydraulic clutches can be a pain in the A$$.
They ned to be cycled on a regular basis, o, if you park your car for any length of time at all, the seals dry out and they will start leaking.

If you can come up with something using all GM parts (or quality replacements) you would not have this issue.

My 59 uses a hydraulic clutch and it has not given me any problems for over 5 years.
This car sits for loonnng periods while I travel and was only out of the garage about 4 times last year (been out twice already this year).
Using a master for an 88 Chevy pickup and a bellhousing slave for an 86 Chev pu.
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