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welpi went and looked at a 99 transam and i want it bad. so sad to say it the sprint goes :-(

im putting a new rearend in it:from the junkyard: it has 2.56 gears,if im given close to my asking price,which i hope wont be a problem,ill throw in a 8.5" 3.42 posi ring and pinion wit hcarrier,and the rearend i blew up.

im looking to get 2200 for the truck in running and driving condition,this thing still runs fuggin sweet,PS pump leaks a little bit,have new lines for it,will be replaced before sold. the front cover on the motor is leaking a little bit,i noticed it a few days back.

body is in GREAT shape ONE little ding on the rear 1/4 panel rest of the body is straight!!!!! paint is awesome,new ppg emerald mettalic pearl green.

the motor is a 1970 buick 455,rated 390hp and 510 tq bone stock,its mated to a TH400 tranny

the supposed 3.73's that were in the rear {i was told} ended up being 2.56s :oops: even then,this car hauls friggin ass,has serious traction problems under 30 40 mph and will get it sideways going into 2nd gear,and leave a scratch going into drive 8O

interior is nice,needs to be cleaned up however,will need a new dash pad as well,and the bench seat vinyl is in great shape,however the power seat controls are coming off the seat,needs a screw and the trim plate,can get pics to further explain

i have extremely high resolution pics as well as a few movies of the sprint,if youd like them,hit me up through email [email protected] or message me on a messaging program,i use transam406sbc on both yahoo and aim messangers,can take any pics desired,and will give through details to anyone interested,i highly doubt you will be disapointed in this truck...

ps pics are here,i do have more,however this is what i have online. http://elcaminocentral.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=575

thanks for looking guys! i do plan on getting another elky or sprint! just something a little less rare and a bit tamer.


BTW,i drove this thing to woodburn and back to albany then into junction city,total of about 145 miles,i avereaged a hair over 14.5 mpg!!!!
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