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Jay and I had returned the previous day from the S.E.M.A. show in Las Vegas , when Skinyfisher took me to a car show in the Clearwater area . Got to see Sempercamino ( C.J. ) , for the first time in a number of years . Was so happy to meet with and talk with him . He looked great and was driving a late model T-Bird convertible , similar to the one that his wife Tootie loved to drive . Tootie`s company and fun spirit was so enjoyed by the many of us that had the honor or knowing her . She was always glad to see you and was quick witted , giving us back some of the teasing we were putting out . . Jay did well and earned a nice award in a field of really nice rides . The next day Jay and I took his 69 and my 59 to the Gamble Mansion Show in the Bradenton area . Jay again earned a nice award and the show was really fun . C.J. and his Marine Detachment buddies put on their car show the next week but I was back home by then . I heard that the show was another real success , raising money for charity and that Jay won another award .
My Mom and Dad owned the old bank building across the street from the Gamble Mansion in the mid 70's until 86' as an Antique Shop, think it's a barber shop now. Also my Niece got married at the Mansion. I learned how to drive on the back streets on Ellenton, so many great memories !
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