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Shuttle Discovery at the Smithsonian

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What's up Region 6? I hope all is well and everyone is doing good. I'm still in the Pacific Northwest. The weather has started to improve which is great but as most of you know, this region stays overcast cold and rainy most of the year.

I watched the new last Tuesday (04-17-12) as I was getting ready for work and saw where Space Shuttle Discovery was getting ready to make it's last voyage to it's final destination. It made a final pass by the Space Coast and Space Center then headed to north.

It wasn't long before the pics started to hit my inbox from some of the few coworkers left at the Space Center, Some from Califnornia, and Houston. It was a great program. i got to meet and work with alot of amazing people. Best of all I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of 25 years working on that program. Enjoy the pics...

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I was fortunate to be in an area where they did the flybys around DC. Awesome sight.

I posted a thread with pictures.

Post #15 has a link to NASA's Flickr page with lots of really cool shots from the chase planes.

The Enterprise is now loaded onboard the 747 SCA for its flight to New York. However... weather has delayed that trip.
I was surprised the Air Force museum at Wright-Patt did not get one,,, well we have the only XB-70 left,, matty man
Well, it is more of an Air Force/Military facility. I would think NASA wanted them to go to homes where the focus was education. Could also be that WP didn't want to pay out the 28.8 million NASA required as costs to prep and transport.

Of the 4 survivors:

Discovery - we already know - Smithonian Institution.
Enterprise will be put up on display on the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum in New York.
Endeavour goes to the California Science Center in LA.
Atlantis stays at the Cape.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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