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So I have a 1980 and the rubber seals from window to frame that keep the water out are bad and me living in Seattle wa, it rains quite often. Now we've been lucky with a decent summer this year, but I would like to get this fixed asap before the rain comes back, now I have try'd to to buy these weatherstrips befor with no luck. Now I found these on the elcaminostore.com

Now what I like about those, is they also have the rubber seal for door to window on the bottom which mine are super cracked. Now I have looked through the forums and the elcaminostore hasn't really gotten a good rep around here. Has anyone tried these weather strips? Or does anyone know where to get these from a good reliable place? I checked out a couple of other sites with no luck.

Now the next thing is my dash cover, im always fixing it, re adjusting it. I'm using Velcro to make it stay but the sticky goes bad from the heat. I like how it looks but I don't want to constantly mess with it, so I saw dash cover fasteners, but nothing that will fit a 1980 any ideas on this? Now I don't mind the original dash look but somebody cut the holes for the defrost holes which is just a horrific job (looks like they used those arts and craft scissors). So I also sAw this on the elcaminostore


Does anybody got feedback on those molding? Or can somebody point me in the right direction to get these type of items. I also need the rear bumper impact strips

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I'm also in Western WA...
Ordered mine from the El Camino Store, Think it was about $80 for both sets...
Best Quality I have seen in years! I'm working on the TH-400 transplant right now, Still need to get to that project....Rain will be here soon!

Anyone have advice on this for us??
How hard is this?
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