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Hey im new to the forum. i jsut recently picked up my car. and iw as just wondering if any one in the south florida area would like to maybe have a mini meet. so i can get some tips or help on my car. thank you!
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I'm down in Key Largo for a little R 'n R this week; saw a nice 5th gen for sale roadside here (silver) yesterday. Nice collection of older cars here and the kind of lifestyle that goes with it. Was in Miami earlier in the week and stocked up on maintenance parts, so easy to do with all the autoparts stores around here. Sorry I can't be of help with your car, the only tool I have with me here is an ignition wrench I picked up at Auto Advance!
Thanks Lenny, got your pm (and replied) and we just might become neighbours in the future, that's how much my wife and I enjoyed our time in the Keys. That would bring the Earl Camino back home as well, (and it would fit right in with the atmosphere down there I think!).
Back home in Geneva now, can't wait to wrench in those new parts (like the new upgrade sealed beams)...
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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