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Hey im new to the forum. i jsut recently picked up my car. and iw as just wondering if any one in the south florida area would like to maybe have a mini meet. so i can get some tips or help on my car. thank you!
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Hey Kevin...Come to think of it...Sprint74dog is in Ft Pierce that is right there connected to Port St Lucie. He may be a connection for you to make. He is on the site quite a bit but doesn't post often. Send him a PM maybe.

Thanks for jogging my memory Brian

Thanks Lenny, got your pm (and replied) and we just might become neighbours in the future, that's how much my wife and I enjoyed our time in the Keys. That would bring the Earl Camino back home as well, (and it would fit right in with the atmosphere down there I think!).
Back home in Geneva now, can't wait to wrench in those new parts (like the new upgrade sealed beams)...
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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