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I have a 1969 ElCamino which originally came with with a 396/4-spd but has been upgraded to a 427/5 spd. It has the SS 427 badge on the front grill but the tailgate does not have a badge.

Have done some internet research on the 66-67 Chevelle SS 396/427 rear panels and discovered that the 67 SS emblems were centered on the rear panel and have a small crease/angle in the middle. The 66 Chevelle on the other hand had the SS 396/427 badge off-center near the passenger side tail light which would mean that it was flat with no crease/angle in the middle. (or at least thats how it appears in the photos I have found)

My question is does anyone know where I can get a one piece SS-427 badge that will mount flat against my tailgate like the SS-396/454 badges? Unless the photos I viewed on-line were touched up or "one-offs", someone apparently has made these in the past. Any help appreciated.
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