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SS dash upgrade

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So as many others, I suppose, I'm looking to upgrade my 72 Camino to an SS dash. You see tons of reproductions on eBay, are there certain ones you guys have had experience with or maybe ones to stay away from. Not looking to make it exact factory, it's gonna be custom so I can wander a bit. Don't really want to sink $1600 or so in a whole kit, is there a better solution other than finding one out of a MC.

I do see these dash cluster kits, anyone try these, will they look professional if installed properly. Don't want it to look like crap..

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For whatever its worth, I cloned a 72 custom I had about 5 years ago. Since it was not an original SS I felt comfortable taking some liberties with the dash, one of which was installation of the Dakota digital gauges. My primary motivation initially was cost savings but once I had it installed, I realized how superior the quality of the gauges was to the old analog gauges. I was a little disappointed with the fit & quality of the repro dash but I understand that has improved over the past couple years.

Having had both digital and analog, there is no question in my mind the best bang for the buck is digital. If you're looking to save a few hundred bucks & get a superior quality product that looks great (expecially at night), Dakota is definately the way to go!
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