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i've been posting for a few months about my 86 Elky stalling at stops. it's a 305 with the 200r4 transmission.
i got a new battery, plugs, wires, cap, rotor. changed out all the vacuum lines. had six different mechanics look at it. changed the quadrajet out for an Edelbrock 600 along with a new intake manifold and distributor. got rid of all the emission controls. still, the car stalled at stops.
i found an old post on the forums here two nights ago where a guy described the same problem as, "like driving a standard and not pushing the clutch in when you brake to a stop." some members had suggested he pulled the wires from the torque converter clutch solenoid on his tranny.
i did this today and it cured the problem. i bagged the connector in a balloon and wire tie.
i couldn't find a clear answer on the 'net for how long it's safe to drive the car like this. i blew all my fun money on the engine work, so it's gonna be a few weeks before i can get a new solenoid put in.
thanks to the helpful members of this site for all the posts and advice and help getting my car rolling.
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