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So I went out to start the turtle wash and wax job on the elky. Scrubbed her clean and wiped her off and let her air dry the rest of the way while I ran out and bought a new buffer.

After returning with the buffer a few neighbors had started hanging around the car. I had some old school beach type jams coming from the car while I started on my polishing.... *was a tough job* and as I looked up all the "older" ladies in the neighborhood was gathering. Before long they all had towels in their hands and was helping me. I was awestuck. Soon a few fellers came around but didn't do anything but talk.

There is a few older cars who's sound is nice and who's outward appearance is good looking but they don't draw the crowd. I had always wondered why dad loved the elkys so much... now I know. The ladies love the elkys.... dad loved the ladies... therefor he loved the elkys :) For a breif moment I felt like a cougar chaser.

anyone else have stories similar to this?
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