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i'm in the DC area, and i'm looking for things to do, car shows, swap meets, anything (too bad i won't be able to go to the Ford Carlisle show :evil: gotta take some leave and go home for my sister's high-school graduation), does anyone know of anything? any popular tracks in the area? any shows happening soon?, was able to go to the Motor-Trend car and truck show in Baltimore in febuary, that was awesome
junkyards.... good junkyards would be a god-send... i found the brandywine auto parts chain, do they have the area cornered?
anyone have any places to wander off to? i don't mind driving for a good two hours, and i don't have anything else better to do (being 19 is good sometimes...), getting there is half the fun anyways (but it would be nice to find some good stuff when i got there after driving that long)

as for what parts i need... i really don't know, my sig has the cars that i have, so anything that i can use, or adapt for them is a bonus...

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