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they make kits for just what youre doing. well, for running a 700r4 in a non computerized application.


its basically a keyed hot wire going to the lockup circuit that goes through a two pole brake light switch (when the brakes are depressed and the lights are on, the circuit for the lockup is broke and when not depressed the circuit is wired) and a vacum switch (to detect if the throttle is set in a position, like cruising speed, there will be vacum, when you stomp on it the vacum drops to zero.)

the way the trans is usually wired, it has a pressure switch in the valve body that will also interrupt the circuit to the selenoid to prevent the trans from going into lockup in first and second gear.

i have this kit in mine, and on top of that, a toggle switch to overide everything (to the pressure switch in the valve body atleast) so i can keep it locked up whether or not im on the gas or brake.

bottom line though, you dont need to wire it at all. its not going to hurt anything to drive it without the tcc selenoid wired. all it will do is drop your highway mpg just a fraction
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