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I have looked everywhere, Autozone, OReillys, Pep Boys, etc. and I cannot find a water temperature sending unit for the temperature gauge on my '80.

I HAVE found several but they aren't compatible with the Chevy gauge. Using a variable resistor in place of the sending unit, I measured that the gauge needs about 100 ohms to read 220 degrees and about 300 ohms to read 100 degrees (+/- something).

All the senders I found are pretty close on the 100 degree end (323-390) but far off (24-42) on the 220 degrees end.

Does anybody know where I can find a true replacement unit?


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get the later one and put a bushing on it if needed all of the gauges for the g body should read the same. if the one you have is 1/2 pipe thread you can use the later elco one with 3/8 pipe with a bushing.when i put a crate motor in my malibu i had to use the later sender because the new engine had the late small hole and gauge reads correctly.make sure you check the contacts on the printed circuit. they can loose contact and make your gauge read way off.i always solder the clips to the circuit board to insure a good contact.my gauges are always right on the mark
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