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"The El Camino Mysterias"
Chevrolet produced sucessfully the El Camino, but the other GM-companies like Pontiac and Buick did not have a personal truck in their showrooms. They were jealous about Chevrolet`s success. This caused a lot of dealer -made "El Camino"-creations based on the original El Camino but with typical Pontiac or Buick front grilles. The pictures below showing some of them. I`m not sure whether they survived and still existing somewhere on a backyard or garage or in a museum - even the production number is unknown.
Around 1959 Pontiac built a prototype coupe-pickup - similar to the Chevy El Camino - on a Catalina chassis. This rare truck still survives today.
This Pontiac LeMans (or GTO?) pickup is based, I guess, on the 1966 El Camino. According to rumors there were made only 2 (two) of this prototype pickup. This might be one of them......?? Click here for the whole story written by John Leeof Special Interest Autos in the Sept./Oct. 1993 issue, but please return to my site by using the back-button of your browser.
This Pontiac LeMans pickup is a professional job, built by a New York state dealer. I think it is based on a 1968 or later El Camino model. I`m not sure about this one, could also be the Pontiac LeMans pickup of the NY state dealer.

This is the Buick GSX pickup, maybe a 1969 chassis, with a Buick drivetrain and a Buick front end. But this isn`t an "offical" prototype, it is a good customized El Camino or GMC Sprint. The 1979 Pontiac Lemans Sport pickup prototype The 1982 Buick "El Camino" with a Grand National Engine - was advertised in a car trader magazine for 8500$..........but I don`t know whether it was a printing error? Or did GM sold the 1982 El Camino also under the Buick label?
-------------------> Generation NeXt...??? <--------------------
- based - as far as I know - on a Camaro frame......
- based on the Chevy Caprice Station Wagon
- the new 2002 Chevy SSR - Super Sport Roadster - with the new 6.0 litre V8 and many other features.
- Australian`s new UTE SS, but it could be an El Camino.
- It comes with an 350 alloy V8, 300hp!! www.holden.com.au
- Australian`s new UTESTER - still a prototype but it will come -, also with the 350 alloy V8, 6-speed manual, big 19-inch rims, massive stereo on the rear and dual excaust. They plan also a cheaper V6 version. I`m wondering, why Chevy didn`t sell it as an El Camino SS......
---- Latest news from Australia: The management is thinking about to bring the successful UTE to the american continent and most probably also to Europe. It is already on sale in South Africa, but with a smaller and more economic engine of course. -------
Thanks to Kev Reg from Australia who took these pix at the Melbourne Motor Show.
Special thanks to Carl Roller, Hugh Laubis and Richard Barnes, who found some of this material on the WWW and in some car mags and newspapers.
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