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It's only 29 days until the great Gainesville Get-together, I hope see you all there ! Sorry for the late notice but we will be working on something for lunch for all who may be interested! So since they don't allow food trucks at the track and there is no power at the spot we use finding food option are limited and trying to keep stuff hot or cold. But there is also a concession stand at the track as well. I made BBQ last year but do to the rain our turn out was not the best but we all eat well ! Also I'm not retired and work 12 hour days so I have been searching for an easier option. I came up with Fried Chicken as the main course (most likely from Publix) either pieces or wings, sides of Zita and Baked Beans. The hard part as always is trying to make sure there is enough for all who would like to have lunch with us! If you could Reply "Yes" or "No" for lunch and "how many" that would be very helpful! We will try and keep the price at 10 dollars but with the price of food it may have to be a little more ! Thanks everyone, I hope you all can make it !
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