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tilt steering wobble

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Can anyone direct me to a post where I can find out how to fix my tilt steering wobble. I pulled hard on the steering wheel the other day,and now the tilt is loose. I am going to change out the pulse/cruise control switch shortly and figured I could fix the tilt part at the same time. Thanks.
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Thanks,that's very informative. With the pics enlarged,its just what I need.
Does anyone know where I can buy all the parts I need for the tilt fix? Thanks.
You don't really need any parts it's the torx bolts that come loose .All you need is a steering wheel puller ,slide hammer .torx sockets ,grease ,and hand tools . If you don't know what your doing you could be it trouble ! That a good thread on how to do it !
Thanks. I'm a good shade tree mechanic,so with the close up pics I can fix this. I've got all the tools,so its a go!
Those screws coming loose was typical for a number of years. If GM (Saginaw Steering) would have used some Locktite at assembly, there wouldn't be a problem.

Saginaw Steering, now named "Nexteer", is owned by the Chinese, by the way....
I have done this to several of my third gen f-bodys. It is not hard if you take your time. Step by step details are on most of the f-body sites. Because the cars sit so low to the ground, people use the steering wheel as an assist lever to get in and out. This puts pressure on the internals and the Torx screws back out. Use a good quality thread locker on those bolts during reassembly. Take your time and leave the hammer in the tool box!!!
You will need the tool to compress the spring in there, to get the snap ring off. It's not very expensive to buy that tool.
Here's a tip for a homemade lock plate tool.


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