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no photos yet, stupid iphone. the majority of my trim is out. some of it is in pretty bad shape so i may have to get creative with fiberglass to repair them. found enough mummified bugs and mouse nests to give any exterminator the heebie-jeebies. trying to figure out how the dash comes out. i thought i got all the screws and bolts out, but apparently i'm mistaken. i'll tinker with it more tomorrow. a couple of things that i need some help on though.

first off, how do you remove the handles for the hood release and parking brake release?

second, what needs to be done to convert the old style glass fuses to the blade type fuses?

and finally, how do you go about removing the rear window? i noticed the seal is bad and it's a little rusted at the bottom inside. probably where some of the water in the interior is coming from.

any tips would be greatly appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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