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Hey guys!!,
Wondering if I could get some help.
I need this body tag deciphered. I’d like to know everything I can about this car.
Also he sent me a picture I guess from under the hood. It confused me because it referred to a corvette in the but the car is an elcamino.
Also look like the sticker is on top of another one????? Weird!!
Thanks Lou
Wood Font Gas Bumper Automotive tire

Plant Font Commemorative plaque Grass Grave

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the first is just the emissions label

75 = 1975
1AD80 break down is
1 = Chevrolet
A = body series 'A-Body'
D = El Camino
80 = Classic pickup delivery
R = build plant Arlington TX
038073 = production sequence
19W = Interior color Black with vinyl seat
AN7 = Swivel Bucket seats
19L = lower paint color Black
19U = upper paint color Black
10C = build date November 3rd week
150333 = just production line numbers that don't know what they are ?
Thank You so much!!!! By chance would you know how to verify if it is a true SS?
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