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Truck Hog Head Gut-Swap

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Was looking up 8.5" 10 bolt rear ends that i could possibly get the ring and pinion out of, if not the whole carrier too. Ran across this website and it caught my eye because there are TONS of truck my way that are considered junk to people.


so im figuring that they are the same 8.5" 10 bolt rear that is in my elky, correct? wouldn't make sense for GM to make different kinds of 8.5" 10 bolt rears. i know the f-body and g-body rears will work but they arent as easy to persuade someone that its a cheap piece lol they know the worth. so my question is, will one of these ring and pinion or ALL THE GUTS work with my 75' elky? im looking for 3.42 gearing (i do some highway driving sometimes)
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