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Got the folllowing email from Maikel Joosten, our Regional Director for Europe, after NECOA received a generous membership donation from him:

john / ken and friends

i'm sorry for the fact that it took so long to donate.... but necoa is worth the donation, and i want to thank you all for your time and effort you invest in our hobby

september 9th is our el camino show in meijel (make sure you come to holland some year) last week we did a photoshoot, see attachment

we do sell stickers to promote our event : prize = 0,50 cent each (the money goes to the event) (we can ship to the us)

this year we had a 1000 euro donation for our show, from diffenrent companies in our area, auto dismantlers, body shops, restaurants, and more further not much news here in europe



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Have a GREAT Meeting...............

Thanks again for your VERY generous donation for the Association's growth and service to our membership, my friend. How would I make a donation to your show, Maikel. I may be able to dig up your current address, but it would be handy for others also if you could post it here on this Forum. I know that I want to get some of your window stickers for my collection. How about I send you $ 5.00 for a couple of stickers and their postage back over the big pond? THANKS again...................Ken

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..it looks like you all had a great time and great pictures,you guys really know how to rock the place.:beer::You_Rock:

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Thanks for the pix. Great looking group of crucks! They must draw a lot of attention and curiosity in Europe.:beer:
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