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upgrading my 80

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im working on my new interior and looked at my gauges the whole two of them and i cant help thinking that i want more i want real gauges and i have no idea what kind to get and what will fit how to do it or even where to start. its the stock 1980 interior if that helps at all.
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ok well i dont want to sell an arm but im not going stupid expensive. i know generally how to read diagrams but i just mostly need a step by step kind of way to do it but i fist need to find gauges and find something to mount them in that will fit in my dash
well what bezel would fit in my dash sense i have the stock bezel with the stupid huge rectangular spedo that only goes to 85
thats a great idea! no how do i take my hole dash out?
but officer, i couldn't have been going more than 85!:dontknow::secret:
You don't need to take the dash out !! On my 84 I just took the gauge bezel off then removed the gauge pod out !! Installed the gauges & wired them to the harness & put it back in !!
well im going to wrap my dash in vinyl wrap so i can give it a new look
1 - 10 of 22 Posts
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